Eyelet fabrics

are traditionally made of pure cotton in white or ivory. It is a type of lace made by creating holes in a fabric medium, often floral designs or abstract geometric arrangements. Eyelet fabrics is beautifully elegant and yet very durable suit for make child clothing and accessories.


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What's Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is an expensive style of fabric that originated in France in the 1600s. It is usually woven by hand using bobbins of silk and usually features intricate floral designs. It is often woven from silk thread in a variety of colors; black is one of the most common. Chantilly lace was extremely popular for much of the 1800s. It has a variety of uses.

Chantilly lace takes its name from the town where it was originally made, Chantilly, France, located north of Paris. Chantilly lacemakers were weaving lace by hand as early as the early 1600s, and silk floral lace, considered the typical style of Chantilly, originated in the 1700s. This style quickly became popular, particularly in the black color.

Chantilly lace has enjoyed considerable popularity over time. primarily creating white, black, and blonde or natural-colored lace, and black whipped cream was very popular among fashionable women who used it as a garment embellishment for undergarments and shawls.

Still popular today, with its soft, silky feel and pretty floral designs, Chantilly lace is used for a variety of items in modern times. The color range is much wider now, White is in high demand as lace is a common adornment for wedding dresses as well as bridal veils. Lace in a variety of colors is also used on women's underwear, especially bras.

Lace: for what uses?
On clothes, lace is perfect for adding a touch of femininity and elegance to a somewhat simple piece: a lace ribbon at the bottom of a skirt, along a neckline, on a bare back...

All about lace: definition, characteristics, maintenance...
But you can also opt for a "total look" by making a dress, a blouse or even a lace skirt. Without forgetting that lace is the best friend of pretty lingerie!

All about lace: definition, characteristics, maintenance...
You can also use lace for your decoration and your household linen: cushion covers, bedspreads, candle holders, baskets...

What maintenance for lace?

If in doubt, it is always best to opt for a “hand wash” type program and gentle spin cycle on your machine. Use a laundry net and detergent for delicates.

Dry your lace preferably flat, and especially not in the dryer!

Where to buy lace?
The lace is quite easy to find. You will find it online on the sites: